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Commercial Fire Restoration Tips

5/19/2022 (Permalink)

Financial concept meaning Business Interruption Insurance with sign on the piece of paper. Fire preparedness will lessen the impact of the event, and business interruption insurance will help you stay in business during the process.

Tips For Commercial Fire Restoration

Restoring your business after a fire is a devastating ordeal. You not only must deal with rebuilding and renovating the property, but you also need to consider the disruption to your operations.

Prepare in Advance for a Business Interruption

Interruptions to your daily business dealings can result in serious financial harm to your company if you aren't prepared. There are many ideas to consider ahead of time to lessen the impact:

  • Interruption Insurance - Talk with your insurance agent about insurance that protects against business fire interruptions. This coverage can include the costs of temporarily moving to a new location, maintaining payroll during renovations and recovering lost revenue. 
  • Disaster Preparedness Training - Make sure your employees are aware of the potential fire risks inherent in their jobs. Production employees face greater risks than office personnel, but all employees should be made aware of fire safety in the workplace. Conducting periodic fire drills and disaster preparedness testing will ensure that employees will know what to do in an emergency.
  • Restoration Options Research - In advance of a potential business interruption in Doral, FL, it's critical to find a reputable fire restoration company. Make sure you choose one that has several years of experience handling emergencies.

Selecting a company with 24-hour service will greatly reduce the impact of possible interruptions.

Become Familiar With Restoration Techniques

Your fire restoration company will first assess the damage and present the best course of action. They will then remove damaged furniture and equipment. Destroyed flooring, drywall and other structures are safely removed as well.

Smoke and soot is lifted from all remaining surfaces. Once that is completed, fire cleaning and sanitizing can take place. 

After a devastating fire, it's important to act fast. Fire preparedness will reduce the impact of the event, and business interruption insurance will help keep you in business during the process.

4 Things That Make a Business Fire Cleanup Difficult

5/10/2022 (Permalink)

A fire destroyed five stores on the Atlantic City Board Walk Cleaning up smoke damage and other fire effects is a job for professionals. SERVPRO has the experience and equipment to help you restore your business

Four Factors Contributing To Difficulty In Business Fire Cleanup. 

A business fire is one of the most difficult things a company can experience. Complicating the matter is that the cleanup process requires a high level of technical knowledge and specialized equipment, especially if there is extensive smoke damage.

Not all restoration companies meet these requirements, which is why it is important to choose a capable professional fire mitigation service in Miami, FL. Several factors make cleanup after a fire among the most challenging jobs in the restoration field.

1. Soot Damage Calls for Advanced Methods

Most fires generate soot that is likely to coat surfaces from ceilings and walls to furniture and light fixtures. Hard surfaces such as metals and ceramics can be cleaned with washing and powerful cleaning agents. Porous surfaces such as fabrics and personal items might require immersive cleaning methods to remove stubborn soot.

2. Water Damage Is Often Present

Due to firefighting efforts as well as fire prevention equipment such as sprinklers, water damage needs to be addressed in many situations. This includes the removal of water with pumps and vacuums as well as the drying out of materials.

3. Smoke Damage Requires Sophisticated Equipment

Getting out smoke smells after a fire is not an easy task. Even a thorough cleaning often just masks odors and they return after a couple of days. Smoke technicians use several methods at their disposal for effective smoke cleaning, including the use of ozone machines and industrial scrubbing equipment.

4. Structures Often Need Extensive Restoration

Flames have the power to destroy many structures. They can burn down wood supports and even melt some of the most durable materials. The restoration process often involves the rebuilding of many of these structures to bring a building back to the way it was before the fire.

Cleaning up smoke damage and other impacts from a fire is a job for professionals. It requires the experience and training of an experienced restoration company.

3 Steps to Prevent a Lint Fire

4/13/2022 (Permalink)

Hand cleaning accumulated clothing lint from trap in clothes dryer. Cleaning your dryer and having it serviced by a professional can keep your house safe from fire damage.

3 Steps To Avoiding A Lint Fire

Many homeowners in Doral,FL, are unaware that lint accumulates poses a dangerous fire hazard. Each time the dryer is used, it releases clothes particles that accumulate inside and around the dryer. When its accumulation is neglected, all it takes is a spark to begin a lint fire. Lint is highly combustible and is made up of:

  • Cotton
  • Wool
  • Synthetic fibers from dryer sheets

Here are three steps you can take to prevent a dryer fire.

1. Clean the Dryer Vent and Ensure Proper Ventilation

The hose connection on your dryer leads most of the lint through a pipe to the outside air. When the vent is covered by a mesh screen, the lint will accumulate, forming a combustible blockage. To ensure proper ventilation, make sure the damper is not covered by a mesh screen and that it is opening properly.

2. Check Behind the Dryer for Lint

It is easy to miss the lint behind the dryer because of how well hidden it can be. Often, this is a sign that the hose and vent are clogged. Using a vacuum to clean lint behind the dryer could prevent a lint fire. When this begins to happen, it is recommended to hire a professional service to clean your dryer vents.

3. Clean the Lint Filter Housing

Along with cleaning the lint filter after each use, clean its housing regularly to prevent lint inside of the dryer. One of the most common causes of dryer fires is lint trapped in the filter housing and the hidden corners of the dryer. Use a small brush and a vacuum cleaner to remove the hidden lint.

You can prevent a house fire by taking precautionary measures with flammable substances. Cleaning your dryer and having it serviced by a professional can keep your house safe from fire damage. If you have experienced a lint fire in your home, call a professional fire damage restoration service to clean and restore your property.

4 Times Homeowners Insurance Covers a Flooded Basement

4/8/2022 (Permalink)

property insurance These are just some of the types of water damage that your insurance will cover.

A Flooded Basement Is Covered By Homeowners Insurance 4 Times

There are many reasons a basement flood could occur in your home in Miami, FL. If you experience any of the following, your insurance coverage should take care of the damage.

1. Broken Appliances

If your washing machine, HVAC unit, or refrigerator causes a sudden basement flood, your insurance will typically cover the damage. Any time your appliance malfunctions, you'll probably find yourself getting reimbursed. Just keep in mind that your insurance will only cover the damage, such as the cost to hire a water remediation company.

You are responsible for replacing the faulty appliance. However, sometimes the damage was due to poor maintenance on your part. If your insurance adjuster finds evidence that you haven't maintained your appliances properly, your claim can be denied.

2. Leaking Water Heaters

Just like a malfunctioning appliance, your insurance will generally cover water heater incidents. Again, keep in mind that the insurance company will inspect whether the source was sudden or caused by neglect. If your adjuster finds evidence of poor maintenance, they can deny your claim.

3. Freezing Pipes

If the temperature drops really low overnight, any pipes that burst due to freezing will be covered. This includes pipes leading to your HVAC unit, sprinklers, and appliances. The only restriction is that you must be living in your home at the time of the burst. Otherwise, you have to prove that you had the heat turned on in the building.

4. Overflowing Tubs, Pools, and Sinks

You may be surprised to find that your insurance will cover a basement flood caused by an overflowing pool, tub, sink, or other fixture. These incidents fit under your policy's sudden and accidental clause, so the damage you caused is covered. In other words, when your toddlers think it is a good idea to stuff the basement toilet with their toys and flush, all is well on the insurance front.

These are just some of the types of water damage that your insurance will cover. There are plenty of other times when your insurance covers the damage in your flooded basement.

Can Commercial Tenants Get Flood Insurance?

4/1/2022 (Permalink)

Renters insurance form and dollars on the table. Renters policies for commercial structures tend to cut out damage caused by flooding.

Is It possible For commercial Tenants To Obtain Flood Insurance?

Renter’s insurance covers the contents of a space rented by a commercial tenant. A lessee can obtain insurance coverage that specifically applies to damage caused by flooding, which is often excluded from general commercial renters policies. The availability of National Flood Insurance Program policies varies based on the location of rented property in Miami, FL.

Renters Policies May Exclude Flood Damage
Renters policies for commercial structures tend to cut out damage caused by flooding. Exposure to contaminated water can damage or destroy any of the following high-value contents:

  • Appliances and devices
  • Fixtures
  • Inventory

While a property owner and lessor is responsible for restoring a structure damaged by flooding, a tenant or lessee is responsible for replacing damaged contents. For this reason, it can be helpful to seek out dedicated flood coverage for commercial renters.

The NFIP Offers Renters Insurance

The NFIP is administered by FEMA. While this program does offer renter's insurance, a tenant must see whether the NFIP is available in the area in which a property is located. In general, the NFIP is more likely to be an option in designated flood zones.

Private Insurers Provide Flood Policies

If the NFIP does not offer policies that cover a rented commercial space, a business owner may want to obtain a flood policy through a private company. Check the limits and terms of any policy to ensure that it covers the costs of replacing ruined commercial contents. It may be possible to obtain a rider on a general commercial property insurance policy for rented premises or a business may have to obtain a separate policy.

Flood insurance coverage may be available through the NFIP for business owners who rent property located in a flood zone in Miami, FL. If an NFIP policy is not available, a private insurer may offer renter’s insurance for flooding in addition to general commercial insurance.

What’s a Flood Cut and Is It Always Required?

3/15/2022 (Permalink)

drywall removal from a water damage from a roof leak If the water has any sewage in it, they’ll have to tear out the portions below the flood cut, regardless of whether it got behind the walls.

What Is A Flood Cut, And Is It Always Necessary?

Flooding is always a disaster. Every porous item it touches is going to be damaged or destroyed – even if it’s a clean water line break. Even worse, if it’s a large flood, such as one covering multiple properties, the water should be considered dangerous. Floodwater can have a variety of hazards, including: 

  • Sewage
  • Chemicals
  • Dangerous floating debris

Flood damage restoration experts in Virginia Gardens,FL, will determine the degree of damage to commercial buildings and decide what can be saved. The goal is to restore everything possible and replace when required. Tearing out walls is always a last resort, which is where a flood cut may come in.

What Is a Flood Cut?

Flood water can be nasty. If there is water contamination, everything it touches needs to be replaced. To achieve this, restoration technicians will cut out the drywall that’s been impacted by it.
To save time and money, they’ll leave the untouched drywall that's higher than the flood line in place, leaving a sharp line about 12 to 18 inches above the flood line to expose everything behind the wall below the cut. This is known as a flood cut.

When Is It Necessary?

Three factors are considered when examining wall damage caused by flooding:

  • Is the water clean?
  • Did it get behind the walls?
  • Is there insulation behind the walls?

If the water has any sewage in it, they’ll have to tear out the portions below the flood cut, regardless of whether it got behind the walls. If the water is clean and did not get behind the wall, they may be able to fix the damage without a cut.
CLean water that gets behind the walls may sometimes be extracted without a flood cut. This depends largely on whether there’s insulation behind the wall. If there is, you’ll probably have to get a flood cut.

Flooding doesn’t have to be the end of your commercial property. Restoration technicians in Virginia Gardens,FL, can often return the property to its previous condition without replacing everything, and a flood cut is often part of the process.

3 Ways To Determine if There Is Mold in Your Business

3/14/2022 (Permalink)

A wall full of mold Mold infestations cause a lot of damage and can be very expensive to remediate. Call SERVPRO as quickly as possible when noticing signs of mold damage

3 Methods For Determining Mold In Your Business

Mold isn't always easy to find. Fortunately, there are a number of symptoms that can indicate your business in Doral,FL, has a fungus issue. These range from mycotoxin odors to visual signs. If you notice any of these, it is time to call a mold remediation company.

1. Is There a Musty Smell?

A lot of people don't realize mold smells at all or what it actually smells like. The fungus typically has a musty odor. This can include earthy, damp, and tangy tones, often described as somewhere between rotten wood and dirty socks. These smells comes from the mycotoxin released as mold grows. If you notice a new unpleasant smell in your business, it is time to start searching for mold.

2. Are There Signs of Water Damage?

Condensation, elevated moisture levels, and other water issues are likely to cause mold growth. The most common signs of water damage include discoloration and stains on walls, ceilings, and flooring. Additionally, water can cause bubbling, peeling, and cracking in paint and wallpaper. These signs are usually accompanied by a colony of spores inside the materials. If you know about a past or current water issue, you should have the space inspected.

3. Do You See Mold?

Seeing mold is a much more obvious sign that you have a problem than sniffing for mycotoxin. Green or black areas, slimy residue, and mildew are all common visual indicators of mold. However, mold spores can also hide as dirt. Therefore, people may easily overlook the visual signs.

Whenever mold is present, it is time for mold remediation. Signs of past or present water damage at your business can mean mold is growing, and look for visual indications as well as new odors that can easily go overlooked. Once you notice an issue, take action to get rid of the problem quickly before the mold does damage to your building.

Why Insurance Adjusters Like You Choose SERVPRO

3/9/2022 (Permalink)

Work team of a restoration company SERVPRO is one of the companies that strives to make your job easier to the point where you might even smile when a client chooses to work with them.

Why Do Insurance Adjusters Choose SERVPRO?

Your job as an insurance adjuster in Miami, FL, keeps you busy. You have a dual responsibility — support your clients through the claims process while ensuring that the cost is reasonable for your company. Sometimes the most challenging part of your day is navigating issues with service providers. You know which vendors are great to work with and those that make you anxious when you see their name in your inbox. SERVPRO is one of the companies that strives to make your job easier to the point where you might even smile when a client chooses to work with them.

1. Electronic Claims Information

Paperwork is your life. For every insurance claim there is a huge folder of documents to keep track of. Electronic documentation is the best thing to ever happen to your industry, so working with a vendor that understands the value of organization and swift communication is ideal. SERVPRO ensures that you get a complete job file that gets updated with every pending job, photograph, and cost breakdown analysis.

2. Pretesting for Every Job

Pretesting may seem like overkill to your clients, but it's incredibly important. Without pretesting, it's difficult to provide a reliable estimate. When the job ultimately ends up being more expensive than the original quote, no one is happy, especially you, the insurance adjuster, who has the responsibility of keeping costs down. A commitment to pretesting for every job helps to keep those cost estimates reliable.

3. Vendor Professionalism

The last thing you want to do is chase a vendor for signatures or paperwork after a job is supposed to be finished. Companies with corporate backing have the bandwidth to provide you support when you need it. Because they also have national standards of professionalism, you can be reasonably sure that working with any associated franchise will be a positive experience.

SERVPRO values you, the insurance adjuster, as much as the client that they are working with directly, evidenced by their commitment to reliable communication and professionalism at every step of the project.

5 Methods to Avoid Urban Flooding

2/17/2022 (Permalink)

River Feale bursts its banks during post-storm flooding and encroaches onto neighbouring pasture farmland. If you are having flooding issues and suspect storm or water damage, give SERVPRO a call on our 24-hour service line.

5 Ways To Prevent Flooding In Cities

Flooding is an all too common form of natural disaster faced by cities around the country, including Miami, FL. While humans are unable to stop Mother Nature, taking proactive measures toward flood prevention can help towns and communities avoid some of the major damage and cleanup. Here are five tactics that urban areas can employ to prevent catastrophic flooding.

1. Renovate Drainage Systems

Many cities have combined sewer systems, where rainwater and wastewater travel a single pipe to the sewage treatment area. This means that excessive water from torrential rains or storms can cause an overflow. Revamping this system to include a second pipe can remedy this issue. While this can be an expensive endeavor, the money saved from avoiding flood cleaning and repairs can make it worthwhile.

2. Maintain Sewer Systems

Sewer systems can easily be compromised by debris, waste and tree roots. Rust and corrosion are also common culprits in causing issues. Regular cleaning and routine maintenance can prevent problems that may ultimately contribute to flooding.

3. Preventative Structures

Seawalls, levees, dams and floodwalls are designed to hold back or retain floodwaters. These barriers can be very effective forms of flood prevention in those cities that are located near a body of water.

4. Permeable Pavement

Most cities and towns have concrete or asphalt sidewalks and streets. These materials are not absorbent, and rainwater can easily overwhelm drainage systems and cause flooding. A number of porous surfaces can be used instead to allow water to infiltrate, eliminating runoff and controlling water from storms.

5. Increase Vegetation

There are many natural defenses against flooding, and vegetation is a highly effective one. Trees can hold water in leaves and bark, and their canopies can slow the flow of water until it evaporates or is absorbed by the soil. Grass and shrubs combat erosion and reduce the force of floodwaters.

Flood prevention strategies can help towns and communities dodge some of the damage caused by water, but when disaster strikes, emergency restoration specialists are available to assist in cleanup and rebuilding.

2 Methods Professionals Use To Handle Your Wet Building Materials

2/17/2022 (Permalink)

A specialist is removing water damage in a home Whether you’ve sustained water damage to your kitchen cabinets, your living room floor or elsewhere, SERVPRO is here to help you, call us!

Professionals Use Two Methods To Handle Wet Building Materials

Water damage in your Doral, FL, home can lead to extensive issues with the building materials in your living space. Anything from swelling wood to deteriorating insulation can occur as a result of a supply line leak or a pipe burst within your walls or under the floorboards. Therefore, it’s important to not only seek professional help for water pipe repair but to ensure that your property’s structural work is safe and intact. Here’s how the professionals can handle your building materials if they’ve been compromised by water damage.

1. They replace the swollen wood from any affected areas.

Whether you’ve sustained water damage to your kitchen cabinets, your living room floor or elsewhere, trained technicians are likely to replace any wood that has swelled to prevent any structural issues in the future. If the leak was bad enough and the spread of damage carried on for some time, tearing apart your carpets or floorboards to reach and replace the subfloor could be a necessity. Thankfully, for situations that aren’t dire, any drywall or real wood materials can often simply be dried and saved, preventing you from receiving a larger bill down the road.

2. They remove any wet insulation in the walls.

While swelling wood is a problem in itself, having untreated wet insulation in the home can become an even bigger problem. Therefore, water damage professionals will often remove damp areas of insulation to determine any stud damage that may be hiding behind the wet material or to simply replace the insulation altogether to prevent disintegration or mold growth.

When water damage has occurred to your Doral, FL, home’s building materials and you need water pipe repair, it’s important to call upon the help of trained technicians. With their help, your residence can be cleared of any swelling wood or other hazardous materials or waste, and you can gain peace of mind knowing your home is safe again for you and your family.